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Master in Food and Packaging Innovation


The Master of Food and Packaging Innovation is an advanced interdisciplinary degree that combines food science, entrepreneurship and innovation in product and packaging design. Students will have the opportunity to gain industry experience through an internship with a dynamic business in the food sector to build a network and accelerate the career.

This unique course was developed in collaboration with the food and packaging industries to fill a need for food and food packaging product developers in Australia. Scientists at the University of Melbourne are working to develop new food products and design innovative packaging to improve food quality and sustainability. Throughout the degree, the students will be exposed to the latest research in food and packaging while hearing from industry experts via guest lectures. The core suite of the Master of Food and Packaging Innovation is designed to help the participant build the knowledge and skills required to develop and market new food products and innovative and sustainable packaging designs. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of food science, critical thinking, innovation, leadership and packaging, and discover advanced research and its practical application in commercial settings.


Duration: 2 years