Organisation Chart

[02. Balanced [05. Transparent [06. Informative

“I believe that a packaging, to be defined ethical and sustainable, must be created on balance, transparency and information. It must be accessible, responsible and balanced without disregarding safety and contemporaneity.”

Alessandra Fazio
Vice President

[03. Safe [01. Responsible [10. Sustainable

“I am a professional in the food industry and also a mother. In these two aspects I combine the need and the sense of urgency to have a packaging that is responsible, safe and sustainable.”

Ciro Sinagra
Vice President

[03. Safe [01. Responsible [07. Up-to-date

“The commitment must be aimed at designing packaging in which every detail is designed to ensure safety for the consumer, sustainability for the environment and an ethical and transparent communication.”

Chiara Faenza
Board Director

[01. Responsible [10. Sustainable

“Responsible and sustainable packaging: characteristics that represent the full concept of circularity that packaging should embody through the involvement of the entire supply chain, from production to the consumer and then returning through the collection to the producer, thus becoming sustainable for future generations and for the planet.”

Antonio Feola
Board Director

[04. Accessible [08. Forward-looking [10. Sustainable

“The Ethical Packaging Charter represents a source of shared principles and values to look up to. The same principles and values should provide impetus to people, companies and organizations for a more sustainable, innovative and functional packaging.”

[02. Balanced

“I am thinking of a balanced packaging: just enough and what is needed. It is not the material to choose the packaging, but the packaging to choose the material in order to better associate, in a community of intent, with the product it contains.”

Mauro Peveri
Sole Auditor