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Your contribution can support a new business culture, ethical and sustainable, for the packaging supply chain

The Ethical Packaging Charter states that all of us are individuals involved in a system of packaging design, production, use, consumption and reuse.

It reminds us that, while respecting everyone’s role, it is essential to put the consumer at the centre: we know that the consumer uses the packaging as a tool, he uses the information that it provides, he is a user of the service that the object provides, and he is an interpreter of the packaging as cultural and social object.

Your contribution will be able to support higher education projects, international research and awards, sustainability dossiers, cultural initiatives with the aim of promoting a new business culture, ethical and sustainable, for the packaging supply chain.

Companies, Enterprises, Bodies, Associations, Consortiums, Foundations can decide to support the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation with donations.

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Your free contribution can support projects and initiatives of:
[ training, from high school to university;
[ employment of protected categories in the packaging industry;
[ scientific research prizes for the progress of packaging and its uses in accordance with the 10 values of the Ethical Packaging Charter;
[ dissemination of the values of the packaging through cultural initiatives at national and international organizations;
[ publication of documents and informative books on every available channel: press, audio, video;
[ quantitative and goods researches for the packaging sector;
[ actions to improve the perception of packaging by the civil society.


If you are interested in supporting the Foundation, sharing the goals of the Bylaw and the 10 values of the Charter , and you wish to join our community send your request to:

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