Our values and our commitment

On 29th May 2020, the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation is established.

In September 2022, the registration in the single national register of the Third Sector was approved, thus becoming the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation – Third Sector Entity, rep. n. 3242


The President of the Board of Directors is currently Alessandra Fazio (Nestlé), at her side, on the Board od Directors, as Vice Presidents, Osvaldo Bosetti (Goglio), Chiara Faenza (Coop Italia), the Board Director, Armando Mariano (Seda International) and Past President Anna Paola Cavanna. Mauro Peveri is the Statutory Auditor, while the management is represented by Francesco Legrenzi, Foundation Director.


The Foundation is named after the Ethical Packaging Charter, created in 2015, from a shared idea between Edizioni Dativo and the Milan Polytechnic*, which has resulted in a document of 10 Values which aim to drive the packaging towards a more responsible future: responsibility, balance, safety, accessibility, transparency, information, contemporaneity, foresight, education and sustainability.


The Italian Packaging Institute, reference association network for the packaging supply chain, had shared its principles since its debut so much to take, at a later stage, the Ethical Packaging Charter as a tool for the development of a new “system culture”.


Recognizing the deep value of its principles along with the desire to give the industry an independent institutional voice capable to boost views and influential reflections on the ethical design of packaging, have laid the foundations for the constitution of the Ethical Packaging Foundation.

* The Ethical Packaging Charter was drafted by Giovanni Baule and Valeria Bucchetti.
Original project edited by Giovanni Baule and Valeria Bucchetti (Milan Polytechnic), Luciana Guidotti and Stefano Lavorini (Edizioni Dativo).
Original project promoted by Edizioni Dativo in collaboration with the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic.

Values & Commitment

The Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation is a non-profit organization and aims exclusively at civic and solidarity purposes for the promotion and dissemination of the packaging as an instrument of progress and civilization through the spreading of the science that governs the functions that it has to carry out in compliance with a sustainable and ethical development.


Packaging is currently going through a stage of complete maturity. As such, it requires a shared reflective journey to allow its growth in compliance with the needs of the consumer, the user, the environment, and the society.


In order to back up a productive and independent dialogue, the Foundation undertakes to promote a new business culture by starting from the 10 values of the Charter and pillar of the Foundation’s activity, as defined by the Bylaw.


CULTURE&BUSINESS: promote a community of supporters and ambassadors of the Ethical Packaging Charter to share and boost a responsible, balanced and transparent reflection on the design, in line with the needs of the aware consumers.

[01 responsible, [02 balanced,  [05 transparent


EDUCATION: support graduate and post-graduate paths, projects for secondary schools, professional updating courses, educational initiatives for the youngest. Providing the packaging industry with valuable people and educating the new generations to an objective view means building the future!

[06 up-to-date,  [07 forward-looking, [08 lungimirante, [09 educative


R&D: support and award scientific research of particular social interest with a comprehensive overview. Promote ground rules and tools to back up a safe, ethical and sustainable design. Set free skills and expertise to support experimental initiatives to protect and improve the environmental conditions. Safe, accessible, up-tp-date, sustainable.

[03 safe, [04 accessible, [10 sustainable


[ Here are the underway Goals of the Foundation

Reflections on packaging
and ethics through the narration of projects, initiatives and curiosities
from different parts of the world.

[ Discover the Stories of Ethics