Reflections on packaging and ethics through the narration of projects, initiatives and curiosities from different parts of the world.

8M: Packaging in Defense of Women

8M: Packaging in Defense of Women

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Boots 2

  To help people in their search for products to cope with perimenopause and menopause, UK retailer Boots has launched the 'Menopause Friendly' symbol

Boots 1
Asda 4
Asda 3

As part of its Tickled Pink campaign, the UK supermarket Asda places special barcodes on receipts to raise awareness of the importance of self-examination to avoid breast cancer.

Asda 2
Asda 1
Wasa 2

 Wasa presents CO2 Detox: the Swedish food brand provocatively invites people to reduce the climate footprint of their diet by 95 per cent by eating only dry “knäckebröd” and water.

Wasa 1
L’Oréal Brazil 2

 L'Oréal is launching in Brazil a numerical scale to classify its sunscreens, to avoid using expressions with potentially racist overtones such as “clara” or “morena”.

L’Oréal Brazil 1
ID Geneve 4
Sains Freeze 3

Il pop-up store Sainsbury's "Sainsfreeze" pop-up concept store is literally a walk-in freezer that shows British shoppers how to store fresh food to reduce waste.

Sains Freeze 2
Sains Freeze 1
Upcycling: Sustainable Solutions from the Southern Hemisphere

Upcycling: Sustainable Solutions from the Southern Hemisphere

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Bio Planet 2

  In a circular approach, through a collaboration with Eclo, the Belgian organic supermarket chain Bio-Planet sells mushrooms grown on unsold bread.

Bio Planet 1
Don Simon 4
Don Simon 3

Don Simòn, in collaborazione con Elopak e Appetite Creative, lancia un packaging intelligente collegato a un'applicazione accessibile tramite QR per educare alla sostenibilità.

Don Simon 2
Don Simon 1
Climate Candi 2

 Climate Candy turns unharvested fruit and vegetables into chewy sweets.

Clean Fiber 2

USA Buffalo based Clean Fiber turns used cardboard into low-energy home insulation.

Clean Fiber 1
ID Geneve 4
ID Geneve 3

For its latest collection, Swiss watchmaker ID Genève, in collaboration with Notpla, has developed a home-compostable packaging solution made from seaweed.

ID Geneve 1
The Information on the Packaging Helps Us Eat Better

The Information on the Packaging Helps Us Eat Better

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Microsoft 2

  Microsoft teamed up with Haleon to enhance its Seeing AI app, helping visually impaired people in the US and UK access the labelling of over 1,500 packages.

Microsoft 1
Kellogs 2

 Kellogg's Instabowls require only the addition of cold water to conveniently enjoy the product straight from the package.

Kellogs 1
Freedom Grams 2
Freedom Grams 1

 To support the Last Prisoner Project, each packet of Freedom Gramss contains the exact amount of cannabis for which a person has been incarcerated and not yet released in the United States.

Every Body 4
Every Body 3

La campagna Every Body, in collaborazione con il Reproductive Justice Collective SisterSong, brings together over 35 beauty brands in support of reproductive freedom and abortion rights.

Every Body 2
Every Body 1
Kalver Life 2

In the Netherlands, the dairy brand Kalverliefde sells milk from farms that take care not to separate calves from cows at birth.

Kalver Life 1
Dubay Bread 2

 In Dubai Bread for All initiative helps disadvantaged families and workers by providing free fresh bread through smart vending machines.

Dubay Bread 1
Coca Cola 4
Coca Cola 3

Per commemorare l’“International Homeless Animals Day”, Coca Cola India launched the limited edition “Locked Coke”, equipped with a smart cap programmed to open via Bluetooth only in the presence of the giver’s mobile phone.

Coca Cola 2
Coca Cola 1
Packaging the Air, between Provocation and Ethical Doubts

Packaging the Air, between Provocation and Ethical Doubts

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Operation DeleteC 2

  In Japan, as part of the Operation deleteC campaign, companies are removing the letter C from their brand names to support cancer research.

Operation DeleteC 1
Johnnie Walker 4
Johnnie Walker 3

Digital artist Luke Halls projects utopian visions of world cities onto the bottle of Johnnie Walker's Blue Label Cities of the Future 2220 series

Johnnie Walker 2
Johnnie Walker 1
Adidas 2

 The new OZLUCENT shoes disegned by Mr Bailey for Adidas Originals are packaged in a mushroom mycelium box, developed in collaboration with Black Ink Projects and Magical Mushroom Company.

Adidas 1
The Body Shop 2

 The Body Shop bestseller Drops of Youth changes its name to Edelweiss to take a stand against ageism.

Oreo 4
Oreo 3

To commemorate the "International Homeless Animals Day", Oreo launches “Bring Home Oreo” campaign in the United Arab Emirates to help abandoned pets get adopted.

Oreo 2
Oreo 1
Funeral packaging for the cyclical nature of life

Funeral packaging for the cyclical nature of life 

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Brewdog 2

  Brewdog parodies the resignation of the British prime minister with the limited-edition beer Boris Lie-PA.

Brewdog 1
Evian 4
Evian 3

 At Wimbledon tennis tournament Evian partners with Reward4Waste on a project that incentivises recycling via a novel consumer reward scheme.

Evian 2
Evian 1
Valser 1
Vanish 2

 Vanish launches a version of the Vanish Multipower Tabs with a packaging designed specifically for e-commerce.

Vanish 1
Mary Lisle 4
Mary Lisle 3

To recognise the role of women in the brewing industry, Miller Lite is distributing a special edition can celebrating Mary Lisle, the first recognised brewer in America since the mid-1700s.

Mary Lisle 2
Mary Lisle 1
The Story of FreshTag

The Story of FreshTag

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De Koffiejongens 1

 De Koffiejongens is asking men to pay an extra 14% for its coffee capsules to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and support Project Fearless.

De Koffiejongens 2
Delizia 4
Delizia 3

Bolivian dairy brand Delizia is releasing limited edition ice cream flavors celebrating the country's diverse population and regional identities.

Delizia 2
Delizia 1
L’eau pour l’art 1

Dutch theater group De Theateroep launches L'EAU POUR L'ART water brand to sustain Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and thus fund visual and performing arts.

L’eau pour l’art 2
Foot Loops 1

 Guatemala's Committee for the deaf and blind partnered with Kellogg’s to add color blindness tests to the back of boxes of  Froot Loops.

Foot Loops 2
Tyto Alba 4
Tyto Alba 3

Companhia de las Lezìria'  Tyto Alba wine bottle comes in a pine wood box that can be reused as a bird's nest.

Tyto Alba 2
Tyto Alba 1
The Story of Everdaily

Thw Story of Everdaily

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Kleenex Take a Moment 1

Echo disegns for Kleenex a range of boxes and pocket packs to promote mental health, in partnership with UK charity Mind.

Kleenex Take a Moment 2
Ace of Air 4
Ace of Air 3

Barlet Brands designs a line of refillable packaging for Ace of Air beauty and wellness brand products.

Ace of Air 2
Ace of Air 1
Moonflowers 1

Moonflowers saffron supports the work of Afghan women.

Moonflowers 2
KFC Costa Rica 1

Havas replaces KFC's classic disposable buckets with clay pots handmade by artisan communities in Costa Rica to support local tourism affected by the pandemic.

KFC Costa Rica 2
Wonderstuff 4
Wonderstuff 3

Wonderstuff cooperates with Black Storm Brewery to raise funds to support Charity CALM, leading a movement against suicide.

Wonderstuff 2
Wonderstuff 1
The story of RePack

The story of RePack

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Sony Tetris 1

Sony's tetris-shaped packaging solves transport problems by optimising shipping space.

Sony Tetris 2
Nat-2 1

The German brand nat-2, in collaboration with Israeli startup Remeant, has developed a new line of vegan sneakers made from recycled bubble wrap.

Nat-2 2
Bruvi 1

Bruvi system offers an eco-friendly solution for disposable coffee pods.

Bruvi 2
Tieut 4
Tieut 3

Tieut Real Sensation brings gender neutrality to the condom sector.

Tieut 2
Tieut 1
The story of OL-Lab

The story of OL-Lab

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Ardagh 1

Ardagh Group redesigns its jars to make it easier for users to access the product.

Ardagh 2
Good Light 4
Good Light 3

Good Light in collaboration with New York agency Center presents a line of cosmetic products for all genders.

Good Light 2
Good Light 1
Saveme 1

SAVEME is a new D2C brand of water, conceived by branding agency SKINN as a medium for expressing people's concerns and opinions.

Saveme 2
Vigo Kombucha 1

Cruz Group develops for Vigo Kombucha an experimental label with desinfecting properties.

Vigo Kombucha 2
Fussy 4
Fussy 2

Fussy in collaboration with design agency Bond presents a reusable deodorant packaging with compostable refills.

Fussy 3
Fussy 1
The Story of Aunt Jemima

The Story of Aunt Jemima

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Freda 1

Freda, in partnership with McCann, launches Cycle, a new inclusive range of menstrual hygiene products to break down gender biases.

Freda 2
Harry’s 1