Reflections on packaging and ethics through the narration of projects, initiatives and curiosities from different parts of the world.

Rethinking Packaging in Times of Crisis

Rethinking Packaging in Times of Crisis

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Tastee Tape 2

  Students at Johns Hopkins University have prototyped Tastee Tape, an edible adhesive tape that keeps wrapped food sealed during consumption.

Tastee Tape 1
Plink 4
Plink 3

Plink's fizzy tablets to dissolve in tap water are a low-impact alternative to bottled drinks.

Plink 2
Plink 1
Smurfit Kappa 2

Smurfit Kappa has launched AquaStop water-resistant paper thanks to a coating that not interferes with recyclability.

Smurfit Kappa 1
New Brew 2

NEWBrew is a craft beer brewed with NEWater, Singapore's brand of high quality recycled water, one of the initiatives put in place to combat the country's ongoing water crisis.

New Brew 1
Lidl 4
Lidl 3

Lidl, in cooperation with Algramo, will introduce automated refill stations for liquid laundry detergents in HDPE smart bottles in the UK.

Lidl 2
Lidl 1
Pet food: between well-being and responsibility

Pet food: between well-being and responsibility

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Huhtamaki 2

 Huhtamaki launches Push Tab, a PET mono-material blister for the pharmaceutical industry.

Huhtamaki 1
Coca-Cola 4
Coca-Cola 3

By 2024 all Coca-Cola brand drinks in the U.K. that come in single-use plastic bottles will have attached caps.

Coca-Cola 2
Coca-Cola 1
Heinz-Pulpex 2

Pulpex is developing for Heinz a paper-based bottle made of renewable sourced wood pulp.

Heinz-Pulpex 1
Eco-Flo 2

Design firm Morrama develops ECO-FLO, a disposable test for Covid-19 that is accessible and fully biodegradable in 4-6 weeks.

Eco-Flo 1
Alpla 4
Alpla 3

ALPLA collaborated with the Austrian company Voslauer to develop a returnable PET bottle for mineral water that is estimated to remain in use for three to four years.

Alpla 2
Alpla 1
The Refill Revolution

The Refill Revolution

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Stix Fresh 2

 Stix Fresh stickers will keep fruit fresh for longer and help avoid food waste.

Stix Fresh 1
Colgate 4
Colgate 3

Colgate launches a recyclable tube of toothpaste in the U.S. with “talking” packaging.

Colgate 2
Colgate 1
McDonald 2

In Norway, McDonal's shows the ugly side of its packaging for “Take away your take away” anti-litter campaign.

McDonald 1
Master Kong 2

Chinese company Master Kong launched a drink in a “naked” bottle, to promote the concept of low environmental impact.

Master Kong 1
Nike 4
Nike 3

Nike 'One Box' shoe-box cuts packaging waste in half by eliminating the external shipping container.

Nike 2
Nike 1
Packaging Stands With Ukraine

Packaging Stands With Ukraine

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Hershey 2

 #HerForShe: Hershey, in partnership with HP Indigo, commemorates International Women's Day by celebrating sorority and female talent on iconic milk chocolate bars.

Hershey 1
Sparkke 4
Sparkke 3

Sparkke, an all-female beverage company that promotes environmental protection and social justice.

Sparkke 2
Sparkke 1
Dove 2

Dove develops a system of reusable bottles with body wash concentrated refills.

Dove 1
Wwf 2

In Canada, WWF is launching the "Endangered Pieces" campaign, a line of jigsaw puzzles whose pieces matches the number of living animals of endangered species.

Wwf 1
Eos 4
Eos 3

Eos and Matter of Trust of Trust are asking people to actively contribute to save the planet through the provocative "Pubes for the Planet" campaign.

Eos 2
Eos 1
The Story of Too Good To Go

The Story of Too Good To Go

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Nestlé Brasil 1

 Nestlé Brasil creates a new line of energy bars to support Gerando Falcoes' projects in the favelas with 100% of the profits.

Nestlé Brasil 2
Amplified Voices 1

Canadian brewery Collective Arts Brewing supports emerging artists dealing with social justice with its limited edition Amplified Voices.

Amplified Voices 2
Half Full 1

Targeting moderate drinkers, the Amsterdam-based shop Half Full sells only half wine bottles, mainly from smaller producers.

Half Full 2
Siklus 4
Siklus 3

In Indonesia, Siklus sells detergent refills directly from its scooters to reduce the cost of the products and their environmental impact.

Siklus 2
Siklus 1
The Story of Leche pa’ la once

The Story of Leche pa’ la once

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 With the mission to make the practice of Communion safer, especially during the COVID pandemic, Blessed Communion is offering individually sealed single-dose kits to congregants.

OffLimits 4
OffLimits 3

To fight food waste, OffLimits has created a single-serve cereal box that doubles as a bowl.

OffLimits 2
OffLimits 1
Victory 1

London-based Victory distillery has designed a refill system, based on reusable glass bottles, returnable steel drums and single refills in recyclable aluminum cans.

Victory 2
Liplid 1

UniCup Scandinavia AB created Liplid, a bio-based cup-lid that improves stability and on-the-go beverage drinking.

Liplid 2
Notpla 4
Notpla 3

From seaweeds and plants, startup Notpla creates sustainable packaging solutions that are edible, soluble and compostable at home.

Notpla 2
Notpla 1
The Story of FreshTag

The Story of FreshTag

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De Koffiejongens 1

 De Koffiejongens is asking men to pay an extra 14% for its coffee capsules to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and support Project Fearless.

De Koffiejongens 2
Delizia 4
Delizia 3

Bolivian dairy brand Delizia is releasing limited edition ice cream flavors celebrating the country's diverse population and regional identities.

Delizia 2
Delizia 1
L’eau pour l’art 1

Dutch theater group De Theateroep launches L'EAU POUR L'ART water brand to sustain Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and thus fund visual and performing arts.

L’eau pour l’art 2
Foot Loops 1

 Guatemala's Committee for the deaf and blind partnered with Kellogg’s to add color blindness tests to the back of boxes of  Froot Loops.

Foot Loops 2
Tyto Alba 4
Tyto Alba 3

Companhia de las Lezìria'  Tyto Alba wine bottle comes in a pine wood box that can be reused as a bird's nest.

Tyto Alba 2
Tyto Alba 1
The Story of Everdaily

Thw Story of Everdaily

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Kleenex Take a Moment 1

Echo disegns for Kleenex a range of boxes and pocket packs to promote mental health, in partnership with UK charity Mind.

Kleenex Take a Moment 2
Ace of Air 4
Ace of Air 3

Barlet Brands designs a line of refillable packaging for Ace of Air beauty and wellness brand products.

Ace of Air 2
Ace of Air 1
Moonflowers 1

Moonflowers saffron supports the work of Afghan women.

Moonflowers 2
KFC Costa Rica 1

Havas replaces KFC's classic disposable buckets with clay pots handmade by artisan communities in Costa Rica to support local tourism affected by the pandemic.

KFC Costa Rica 2
Wonderstuff 4
Wonderstuff 3

Wonderstuff cooperates with Black Storm Brewery to raise funds to support Charity CALM, leading a movement against suicide.

Wonderstuff 2
Wonderstuff 1
The story of RePack

The story of RePack

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Sony Tetris 1

Sony's tetris-shaped packaging solves transport problems by optimising shipping space.

Sony Tetris 2
Nat-2 1

The German brand nat-2, in collaboration with Israeli startup Remeant, has developed a new line of vegan sneakers made from recycled bubble wrap.

Nat-2 2
Bruvi 1

Bruvi system offers an eco-friendly solution for disposable coffee pods.

Bruvi 2
Tieut 4
Tieut 3

Tieut Real Sensation brings gender neutrality to the condom sector.

Tieut 2
Tieut 1
The story of OL-Lab

The story of OL-Lab

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Ardagh 1

Ardagh Group redesigns its jars to make it easier for users to access the product.

Ardagh 2
Good Light 4
Good Light 3

Good Light in collaboration with New York agency Center presents a line of cosmetic products for all genders.

Good Light 2
Good Light 1
Saveme 1

SAVEME is a new D2C brand of water, conceived by branding agency SKINN as a medium for expressing people's concerns and opinions.

Saveme 2
Vigo Kombucha 1

Cruz Group develops for Vigo Kombucha an experimental label with desinfecting properties.

Vigo Kombucha 2
Fussy 4
Fussy 2

Fussy in collaboration with design agency Bond presents a reusable deodorant packaging with compostable refills.

Fussy 3
Fussy 1
The Story of Aunt Jemima

The Story of Aunt Jemima

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Freda 1

Freda, in partnership with McCann, launches Cycle, a new inclusive range of menstrual hygiene products to break down gender biases.

Freda 2
Harry’s 1
Harry’s 2

Limited edition Harry's shaving set designed by Zipeng Zhu for Pride Month supports The Trevor Project (USA) and The Albert Kennedy Trust (UK).

Harry’s 3
Harry’s 4
Zara 1

Zara launches an inclusive make-up line with refillable packaging.

Zara 2
Samsung 1

To give cardboard packaging a second life,  Samsung launches Small World, a DIY collection designed in collaboration with Papersmith.

Samsung 2
Tofurky 1
Tofurky 2

To fight climate change, Tofurky packaging raises people awareness through call-to-action messages.

Absurda 1
Absurda 2

Absurda beers humorously reflect on social stereotypes and prejudices.

The Story of Degree Inclusive

The story of Degree Inclusive

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Amcor 1

Amcor develops a recyclable, polyethylene-based thermoform blister healthcare packaging.

Amcor 2
Waterdrop 1

Stay hydrated with Waterdrop's sustainable Microdrink.

Waterdrop 2
Stella 1

Stella Artois supports the James Beard Foundation with its 'Open for Good' aluminium bottle.

Stella 2
Nomadica 1
Nomadica 2
Nomadica 3

Bâtonnage and Nomadica partner on limited-edition canned wine to benefit women mentorship.

Mc 1

In the USA, McDonald'sis partnering with the White House and HHS to promote the Covid-19 vaccine campaign.

Mc 2
Adidas 2

Adidas, in collaboration with Mojo Supermarket, encourages the recovery of plastic bottles through a vending machine that sells the new Stan Smith.

The Story of Marie Bee Bloom

The Story of Marie Bee Bloom

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Kellogg’s 2

Kellogg's and GLAAD launching a limited-edition in support of the LGBTQ+ community for the Pride month.

CoroNaspresso 2

CoroNaspresso: a cheap, rapid and simple COVID-19 test to do at home, using the aluminum shell of Nespresso pods.


Thanks to 3D printing, KLM, turns in-flight plastic bottles into maintenance tools for aircraft.


Japanese studio Nendo, has come up with a new refillable liquid hand wash, with both hands hygiene and the environment in mind.


SPOTMYUV is a UV detection sticker that gives you a personalized reminder when it is time to reapply sunscreen.

The Story of Human Mart

The Story of Human Mart

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corona 2

Corona turns surplus barley into packaging material for six-pack of beer

Danone 2

Danone launches formula milk in an innovative, pre-measured tab format


Lia, the discreet pregnancy test that you can flush down the toilet.

Asahi 2
Asahi 3

Asahi opens Mog Cup Shop, an online shop of edible cups

Asahi 4
The Story of Algramo

The Story of Algramo

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Burger King 1
Burger King – text

From 2021, Burger King will introduce reusable containers to reduce waste from disposable packaging, thanks to its partnership with TerraCycle.

KitKAt 1
KitKat – text

KitKat launches a limited edition to support R U OK?, an Australian suicide prevention charity.

The Story of Racalamac

The Story of Racalamac

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Tube Toys 4
Tube Toys 3
Tube Toys 1
Tube Toys 2

Tube-Toys: the toys from London-based design studio Oscar Diaz Studio, where packaging becomes an integral, and more sustainable, part of the product.

Oscar Olivares 3
Oscar Olivares 2

A young Venezuelan artist, Oscar Olivares, creates a spectacular mural with 200,000 plastic caps.

Reco Boards – text

“30 milk cartons in a single table”: the Chilean company Reco Boards transforms polylaminated containers into bodysurfing boards.

Other Bar 2
Other Bar 1
Other Bar 3

The Other Bar: the chocolate bar of the Dutch FairChain Foundation for Fair Trade, in collaboration with the UNDP.