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Packaging Science


The department of packaging was founded in 2002 at Yonsei University, Wonju. The department offers the degrees of Bachelor of Science and also Master of Science with Packaging major.
The primary mission of the department is to educate students to analyze social, scientific, environmental, and business problems and to synthesize solutions to those problems that contribute to the betterment of the world, its environment, and its people. Another important goal of the department is to seek advanced packaging materials and systems through research and development. Furthermore, the department is trying to provide continuing service to the community at large, using the results of the research and educational effort conducted at the school.
Yonsei University currently offers more than 100 Study Abroad Programs in 30 countries on six continents. Department of Packaging at Yonsei University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote international cooperation in education and research for packaging fields with School of Packaging at Michigan State University (USA), and Zhu-Zhu Institute Technology University in China. Students develop an understanding of the technologies of global packagings, a portfolio of professional contacts and reference materials, professional and interpersonal communication skills, and an appreciation of the history and culture of the countries visited.



Language: Korean and English