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The role of packaging in green sustainability models. Illy Caffè, Nestlè Italia and Laminazione Sottile meet the students of the economics faculty of the Sapienza University in Rome.

December 9, 2021

The meeting between students and companies on the theme “The role of packaging in green sustainability models” was held on Thursday, December 9, in the Federico Caffè classroom of the economics faculty of Sapienza University.

The conference was attended by about 30 people in presence and 200 remotely.
The President of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Fabrizio D’Ascenzo, opened the event with welcome greetings and with the hope that this kind of initiative can reduce the gap between companies and the academic world.


Professor Boccacci Mariani intervened and introduced the guests and the second edition of the Advanced Training Course in Packaging Management which will begin on March 3, 2022.



The speeches, in chronological order, by David Brussa, Illy Caffè, Alessandra Fazio, Nestlé Italia, and finally Ciro Sinagra, Laminazione Sottile, invited to the conference by the Carta Etica del Packaging Foundation, presented the innovations in terms of sustainability introduced by their companies . In particular, they showed interesting data regarding the extension of the product shelf life, the use of single materials to promote the circular economy, information campaigns for consumers and finally the reduction of the environmental impact of production processes.

The event was a great success in terms of public and interest.