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Packaging always under pressure: legislators, citizens, brand and distribution companies ask for triple certainty: for the content, for the person and the environment.
Luca De Nardo

April 26, 2021

“There is no product on the market that has more responsibility than packaging does: this is a commitment that few industrial products have and that requires greater respect and attention from those who produce, use and manage its end of life”. Anna Paola Cavanna, president of the Carta Etica del Packaging Foundation, is a more than founded pride when she talks about Value n. 3 of the Charter: security.

“Yes, it is a multiple responsibility, because it must guarantee the absence of impacts and negativity as a material towards the environment and people, and above all advanced performance and absence of risks in the relationship with the product it contains: whether it is a cosmetic or a drug, fruit juice or microchip purchased online and delivered to your home. “

There is a very high level of expectation with regard to packaging, a level at least equal to that of the contained product: “Producers and users are subjected to maximum regulatory and reputational pressure; and for an artifact that has a very short life cycle ”, remembers the President.

Among the most recent objections to packaging there is always overpackaging, but also its very existence: the return to bulk, indicated as a solution is questionable: the benefit on the final price is minimal, the reduction of impacts negligible, the almost all certain risks. “Perhaps it is an acceptable option for some product categories – comments Anna Paola Cavanna – but it is always necessary to outline scenarios and measure the benefits, before dismantling a supply chain and exposing consumers, the environment and operators to other types of scenarios.”

The Italian Packaging Institute, of which the Foundation is the ‘ethical’ arm, has made available the document Packaging Lengthens Life, which explains the value and function of packaging in protecting products, people and preventing food waste. “We will take it up again to create culture and train operators and users on the very concept of safety – announces the President – But I return to the role of the Foundation: we are looking for convinced ambassadors of the 10 values because when a company entrusts its reputation, identity, the perception, the safety of the product, entrusts it in full with the share value and the relationship with the market: practically everything! For this we want the CEO, CEO and division directors on board the Foundation. I myself have proposed myself as before as an expression and evidence of my company. “