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More clarity and truth from the packaging, pursued by social networks, reviews and word of mouth.
Luca De Nardo

April 12, 2021


Transparency? It is the absence of a border between what we say we are and what we really are. I realise that asking the packaging for this is a contradiction to its being a physical barrier. Yet, I am convinced that we must work to make it as little as possible. Always.” Thus, as President, Anna Paola Cavanna briefly explains Value n. 5 of the programmatic document of the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation.

“I consider transparency the most important value for many reasons – continues the President – The truth about itself and the product it contains determines the perception of the brand, reputation, reliability, repurchase, trust. I mentioned key elements of product marketing and brand identity that all inevitably pass through packaging. “

Anna Paola Cavanna starts from a simple observation: without packaging, the product does not exist at the market level; but if it has an ambiguous, incomplete, unclear packaging, the product and its brand are directly affected in a negative way.

For many years, marketing has exploited the register of emotions, of unspoken or half-spoken truths, in order to seduce and sell. He painted an ideal and desirable world, but far from reality and current priorities such as well-being, the quality of the ingredients, respect for the environment. “That of the dream is a sunset season – underlines the president – The border that for years has opposed consumers-citizens to the industry-distribution front has disappeared. Social effect? Not only that and not so much: digital commerce sows reviews with every purchase, the rumor is inevitable and takes advantage of any media and channel. “

Transparency is also a mental attitude to be adopted in the face of technologies and materials that undermine the way of producing and selling, of doing research and development. “The Foundation is not against it, it is pro: hiding competing innovations and emergencies is not the correct approach, especially for those who must ensure safety and health for consumers. The Foundation is a space for exchanging ideas, stimulating and spreading a positive culture. “

The easier it is today to create false news and erroneous beliefs, the more it is necessary to arrive at scientific truth. The Foundation has begun a path in this direction by providing content on current technical issues through a scientific review. “Being ambassadors of this value – concludes the President – means contributing to the dissemination of correct content, becoming healthy bearers of clarity.”