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Packaging is a global industry, encompassing everything from the boxes and bags enclosing our food to the complex and critically important means for transporting any kind of goods. It is a contributor and facilitator to the industrial growth and economic development.
Packaging is an integral component of nearly all of our consumer products and durable goods. An essential input in product protection, management during distribution, as well as an essential tool in marketing actions.
In keeping with the educational and research needs of the society at large and industry in particular, some academic institution started bachelor, master e PhD in Packaging.
Michigan State University was the first school to offer a specialized degree program in packaging science, beginning in 1952, and the first to create a dedicated school for the field, but since that time packaging design and engineering has grown into a diverse and multi-faceted part of higher education. Many packaging degrees are in engineering departments and related to Mechanical Engineering; in fact, one of the most reliable ways to enter the field is by earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a certificate or concentration in Packaging.
Other programs focus on the design aspect of packaging, and find themselves housed in Graphic Design or business and marketing schools. Others may be in chemistry programs or food and agriculture (for food-specific packaging programs).
Whether the program focuses on the science of packaging, or the visual design and selling of products, Packaging Science is a highly rewarding and stable career. In the internet age, as e-commerce has turned into everyday commerce, companies have made us take delivery for granted. Packaging – for marketing, for shipping, for shelf life – is more important than ever.
With so much potential, and so much opportunity, students may not know where to begin searching for a packaging science degree program.
With this spirit the Packaging Academy was born. Its purpose is to present the main academic Packaging courses in the world and to guide the choices of the future industry professionals.