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Degree and Master in Packaging


In the 1980s, the University of Lund realized that it was necessary to invest in education and research in the packaging area. For this reason, an additional chair has been established. Today the university offers various degrees, courses and masters in the field of packaging.


Packaging Materials Science:
This multidisciplinary course aims to equip students with knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and functions of different packaging materials, as well as practical experience in a supply chain context. Some basic laboratory exercises are performed to test and evaluate packaging materials and their properties.


Food Innovation and Packaging:
This is a senior project course in food and packaging innovation. The course includes introductory lessons on food, packaging and innovation, but an important part of the course involves supervised project work. In the project, students evaluate and propose a packaging system for a food product.


Packaging Logistics:
Packaging systems are at the heart of the Packaging Logistics course. The course provides students with knowledge and skills in analyzing, evaluating, designing and selecting a packaging system based on the needs and requirements of the various companies and organizations in a supply chain.


Packaging Technology and Development:
Packaging Technology and Development is an interdisciplinary 7.5 credit course that addresses the topic from the point of view of the consumer, product and the environment. The aim of the course is to carry out a packaging development project with a related sector in peer groups of students from different programs.


Language: English