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Degree and Master in Packaging


Indian Institute of Packaging was born in 1985 and is currently the second institute in the world, after the USA, for the number of students enrolled in its packaging courses. It offers a 2-year master’s degree, a short course and a post graduate degree.
Master in Packaging Technology (M.Sc.)
Students from all over the world who are graduates in food science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering and are up to 30 years old, could access to the Master. The master lasts 4 semesters of which the first 3 are theoretical and the last practical: students work on a project in the company for about 5 months.
Certificate of Packaging Course – Intensive Training Course (ITC)
The CERTIFICATE program in Packaging Technology is a three-month, full-time course. On average, the number of participants varies from 15 to 25. Participants who enroll in the course are graduates or graduates in various educational fields. The students on this course are a diverse mix of executives from packaging materials industries, processing industries, and entrepreneurs looking to make a career in the packaging industry.
Postgraduate Diploma in Packaging (PGDP)
This course is open to all graduates in science, technology, engineering and related fields. The course lasts 4 semesters: 3 semesters are on the campus of the Institute, while during the last semester the students work on projects in different sectors of the country. After passing the scheduled exams in each semester and the industrial projects, students examine the Postgraduate Diploma.


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