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Degree in Packaging Design

As the only Chinese school which features packaging design, School of Package & Art Design is not only an education center but also a design center as well as a research center. Since packaging design is the leading research direction, school developed it to a doctoral program Eco-friendly Package and its Security. This program emphasizes the combination of art and science and technology, the union of traditional culture and modern design concept, so as to explore eco-friendly packaging design theory, principles and methods based on new materials, new technology under a low carbon economy.
The school now provides 4 directions:
1. Packaging Design Theory and Application
This direction study the historical background, social reason, development trend and characteristics of the origin of eco-friendly packaging design, the school predicts the inevitable trend of eco-friendly packaging design
2.Visual communication design
This direction makes full use of scientific and technological progress and the development of new materials, integrates with other design areas, forms a cooperating relationship with other visual media.
3. Environmental Design Theory and Application
This direction explores environmental design principles and methods from a theoretical point of view. It innovatively studies the urban environment construction in low-carbon economy; it emphasizes to build an ecological environment by using new materials, new technologies and skills.
4.Design history and theory
The direction firstly carries out systematic research on the history of packaging art in the country; explores and reorganizes the historical materials, such as important people or events, of China and other countries; sorts out traditional Chinese art symbols; studies the ancient Chinese plastic arts and decorative culture from a new perspective ; pays close attention to the theory of eco-friendly design; investigates the origin and sustainable development of eco-friendly design from the perspective of historical sources and investigates the dilemma and future trends of eco-friendly design from the perspective of sustainable development.

Language: Chinese