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Master in Packaging Design


In a market in continuous expansion, packaging requires professionals with the ability to communicate, both formally and graphically, the attributes of a product. The ELISAVA University of Barcelona offers a valuable Master in Packaging Design with the aim of of training specialized designers in this discipline.
The Master in Packaging Design focuses on both graphic design and packaging structural design, not from a technical point of view, but from its form and communication. It offers a unique opportunity to work alongside the most recognized packaging designers in each sector and learn their work methodology to achieve an optimal and professional result.
The final objective is to provide the participants, through practical workshops and theoretical capsules, with the necessary knowledge to create and develop a product from the point of view of strategy and branding, detect the client’s needs and propose the solution, design and execution of any packaging project.
A minimum of 12 practical cases of different nature and category are resolved in the course of the Master: from gourmet packaging to high consumption packaging, from redesign to the creation of new packaging. Concepts such as eco-design and innovation are introduced to create more efficient and sustainable packaging that promotes the good design and optimal use of materials.


Language: Spanish