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Designing the future together can simplify the time and cost of R&D activities.
Luca De Nardo

March 22, 2021

“The Value n. 8 of our Ethical Packaging Charter attributes to packaging the characteristic of ‘forward-looking‘ because it is true that the packaging satisfies a demand of the present, but today more than ever it must anticipate the future. And to do this, the research and development of a company, no matter how large it may be, is not enough, but a community is needed. “

This is how Anna Paola Cavanna explains the meaning of this goal which, together with the other 9, is the basis of the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation, the new project for which ‘ambassadors’ companies and entrepreneurs are needed, who wish to spread the culture of packaging by innovating.

“It would be easy to associate farsightedness, the ability to anticipate the future, with the environmental emergency – emphasizes the President of the Foundation – Even if it is a priority objective, it is not the only one: if, as stated in the Ethics Charter, the ” packaging must be able to grasp all the necessary changes, it must also be confronted, for example, with the issue of costs, the resources available, the energy necessary to produce and use it, the ability to provide services, and not problems, even to countries emerging, poor and developing economies. “

With a demographic prospect of 11 billion people by the end of the century and 70% of the population concentrated in cities, it is necessary to design not a packaging, but the way to do it: recycling is only one of the prerequisites: “The first answer that every packaging security must remain – remembers Anna Paola Cavanna – and this guarantee stems from years of research and development, experimentation, market applications and subsequent modifications. Then, in order to establish itself and spread, an innovative packaging needs time, because packaging is an element that crosses multiple players, multiple steps along the supply chain, and multiple users. All of this is becoming a problem. “

Today, we have less and less time and more and more variables to consider. Confronting and identifying certain lines of action as a community can speed up times and favour results. Becoming an ambassador of the Ethical Packaging Charter means sharing with other companies in the supply chain on a common goal, teaming up and networking also on this value.