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It is the mission of packaging, called to balance everything and everyone without displeasing anyone.
Luca De Nardo

May 3, 2021

Balance, in packaging, is the ability to use materials, services and information where and when they are needed, no more: a conflicting attitude to the needs of marketing and communication? “Perhaps once upon a time, today marketing is aware of the need on the one hand to reduce costs through a more rational use of materials and on the other to accept the requests of consumers” – underlines Anna Paola Cavanna, president of the Carta Etica del Packaging Foundation, which has placed being balanced as the second most important value of the Charter.

The reduction and prevention of over packaging are increasingly shared and pursued objectives, but the fight against excess is not just an environmental issue: the balance is also measured in the simplicity and clarity of the elements made available to the consumer: for example, the quantity and size of the information. “There are packaging that carry the list of ingredients and legal declarations in 15 different languages, or devote small and difficult to identify spaces to important information, such as nutritional data, warnings or storage methods,” recalls the president.

The task of the Foundation and its Ambassadors is to put the value of balance back at the center, even with respect to the multiple expectations.

“Today the theme of balance is also another – underlines Anna Paola Cavanna – Users are squeezed between the regulations in force, the demands of end consumers, the needs of operators and distributors: packaging becomes more and more capable of the acrobat to remain in a complex and changing balance, where the fear of clouding the perception of the brand is always lurking. “ Little green? Too minimalist? Not immediate in the information? Compromise is not easy, the fear of making a mistake is increasingly widespread; and increases the demand for clarity, to choose correctly. In this direction, the Foundation wants to be close to businesses.