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The definition of ‘silent salesman’ has now disappeared, but the amount of information is likely to confuse.
Luca De Nardo

April 5, 2021

“The information must be proposed in such a way as to facilitate the perception of its importance”: this is one of the recommendations contained in Value 6 of the Ethical Packaging Charter, the document of the homonymous Foundation chaired by Anna Paola Cavanna, born a few months ago and which it has already pooled the energies of companies on tools and projects to improve the packaging service role.

Why place at the center of the Ethical Charter a predictable, almost basic function, a sort of prerequisite?
“Because consumers’ priorities are rapidly changing – explains the President – If packaging wants to be contemporary, as we described with Value 7, we must be aware that the information content of packaging is rapidly evolving.”

Emergency and topical are the information on the composition of the materials and the fate of the separate collection but also the nutritional-health information in the face of evolving legislative aspects.

“Packaging has become a container of such quantity and quality of information that only the question of hierarchy and position, to name one, becomes a priority: compared to Value 6, the Foundation wants to provide information by referring to all stakeholders – explains Anna Paola Cavanna – a consensus among many can give the best answer, and here lies the meaning of being Ambassadors of the Ethics Charter and of promoting the participation of businesses “

And the large distribution? A perfect Ambassador. By virtue of direct contact with consumers, it can and must collect the wishes of users. But the participation of e-commerce vendors is also desirable, an expanding market where consumers find a sort of augmented reality in product data sheets. Will the growth of information lead to providing consumer products with leaflets? In addition to the new hierarchies, which technologies to focus on to better manage content? “The Foundation is a space and a time of confrontation that we cannot fail to give ourselves – concludes the President – Also in order not to suffer conditioning not shared by the entire supply chain, including consumers.”