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Milan, May 26, 2022

Alessandra Fazio is the newly elected President of the Italian Packaging Institute for the two-year period 2022-2024, voted unanimously during the Shareholders’ Meeting, which was held today in Venice. She succeed to Anna Paola Cavanna who, after four years, leaves the Italian Packaging Institute with a significant growth in the number of members, a consolidated turnover, a renewed image and the general satisfaction of the membership base for her work.

Expression of the associative component of the brand owners, Alessandra Fazio holds the position of Head of Quality in Nestlé Italiana, to which she lands, after a path of increasing responsibility in multinational food companies, which began in the world of converters.
Happy mother and manager, she has held a corporate position for several years and, as she likes to point out, she ahs got her actual position during her maternity leave. Today she reaches a new important milestone, acquiring the highest position of the Italian Packaging Institute, which also involves presiding over the Board of Directors of the Packaging Meeting Srl spin-off and the Presidency of the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation.

In her background, a degree in Food Science and Technology, a passion for scientific disciplines, a structured technical competence, with attention to the theme of food contact, gained over twenty years in food companies and, last but not least, a mix of values ​​in which she strongly believes, ranging from inclusiveness to gender equality, which makes her the perfect candidate for the leadership of the Foundation, as well as the association.



In the plan of proposals for the two-year presidency, in first place she appointed two Vice Presidents she wanted at her side, as an added value for skills and experience: Chiara Faenza – Responsible for Sustainability and Values ​​Innovation | CSR Manager COOP Italia and Osvaldo Bosetti – Group Industrial Europe Packaging Director and CEO | Goglio North Europe.

Convinced of the management line of the past years, we will strive to continue programs and projects still in progress of the previous presidency, guaranteeing continuity of strategy“, with these words, Alessandra Fazio introduced the strategic lines of her program, centered on three macro-topics: communication in the first place, training and scientific dissemination, and membership base. In Alessandra Fazio’s project, communication passes through the enhancement of digital channels, strategic supply chain alliances and events that enhance the associative and group corporate image.
On the subject of training, it opens up to news such as funded projects and e-learning modalities for basic courses, without neglecting the implementation of relations with universities. Finally, for the associated target, it is proposed to launch a survey to highlight new needs, to evaluate research and scientific studies of transversal interest and to push on the accelerator of digitalization. Alessandra, faithful to her scientific inclinations, entrusts the conclusions to the words of Albert Einstein “The only source of knowledge is experience”, stating as a wish for the future: “I have nothing to teach, I have a lot to share and a lot to learn. And I am sure that, together with all of you, I will learn a lot from this experience, which today sees the first step “.



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