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Milan, September 6 2021

“It is a great pleasure for me to inaugurate this exhibition today. The 10 values ​​of the Ethical Packaging Charter come to life in the projects of the 27 finalists of the Best Packaging 2021 contest. We announce our first Ambassadors. We make the ideal dialogue with the real “. With these words Anna Paola Cavanna, in the dual role of President of the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation and of the Italian Packaging Institute, is the godmother of the exhibition “Best Packaging 2021, a journey among values ​​and projects”, on display in Milan from  September 4 to 10.


The installation, in the Brera Design District which gathers the largest number of events and is the most visited and most representative district of the Fuorisalone, consists of two complementary entities in dialogue with each other. The representation of the world of the values ​​of the Ethical Packaging Charter through the imaginative language of Claudio Bonoldi‘s shots and stop motion videos and the real packaging finalists of the famous contest of the Italian Packaging Institute.
Organized by the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation and the Italian Packaging Institute, the exhibition intends to guide the visitor through a constant dialogue between ethics and technological innovation in a path that represents the synthesis between the ideal and the real, between the desire to combine the packaging performances with a new vision of an ethical and sustainable supply chain.



On display, from the design phases to the technological solutions, 27 projects interpret and constantly relate to the values ​​of the Ethical Charter: responsible, balanced, safe, accessible, transparent, informative, contemporary, forward-looking, educative and sustainable. Among the finalists also the Packaging of the Future which will be given a special mention by the jury that will meet in September to decree the winners.


A dedicated space also announces the first Ambassadors who have signed the Ethical Packaging Charter: Acimga, Cellografica Gerosa, Contital, Corapack, Coop Italia, Laminati Cavanna, Pack Media, SDR Pack, Warrant Hub.
“And many others are in the formalization phase, proving how companies are ready to respond to new challenges of environmental value. Packaging satisfies a demand of the present but today more than ever it must anticipate the future. We have less and less time and more and more variables to consider. Confronting and identifying certain lines of action as a community can speed up times and favor results. I think this exhibition is an example of how the supply chain can and knows how to dialogue together ”, concludes Anna Paola Cavanna.